Viking Wine Cooler Repair

Viking has a diverse network of Viking wine cooler repair service providers across the different states in the country. These service providers have been trained and authorized by Viking to provide the required repair services. Before giving a call to the Viking wine cellar repair service provider, customers possessing Viking wine cellar can look at the symptoms of the problems occurring with the wine cellar and the actions accordingly. The different actions that need to be taken can be obtained from the product manual that has been given to the customer at the time of purchasing the product. Viking wine cellars or coolers come in different sizes. If one wants to store a few wines that would be consumed within the next few months, then a Viking wine cellar of a lesser capacity would do the job.

Viking Wine cellars come in the form of full height wine cellars and under counter wine cellar. The full height wine cellar comes in two models, namely the professional series and the custom panel series. A Viking wine cellar repair service provider provides repair and maintenance services for both the professional and custom panel wine cellars. The 30 inches full-height wine cellar also called as the professional series come with amazing features in the form of:

  1. Tri Temp storage system, which provides the option to store wines at three different temperatures
  2. Flexible storage options allow the owner to store wine bottles of different sizes including standard, magnum and half sized wine bottles.
  3. Low intensity interior lighting presents the interiors of the cellar in an attractive manner
  4. Flexible display shelves that provides the option to adjust the height of the shelves

The under counter or the free standing wine cellar comes in two sizes, namely the 15 inches under counter wine cellar and the 24 inches under counter wine cellar. Both the models come with features such as :

  1. Electronic controls with digital temperature read outs
  2. Forced air-cooling system
  3. Adjustable shelves, where in the heights can be adjusted to suit the wine bottle height
  4. Stainless steel cabinet interiors and exteriors

Some of the common problems faced by customers using both the types of cellars include the problem related to the condenser fan making noise while running. This can be solved by applying the right kind of lubrication in the areas that produce friction in the condenser fan. The condenser fan blade is located at the top of the unit behind the condenser grill; There is another fan in the form of evaporator fan, which is located in the side of the box behind the control panel. Another problem associated with the Viking model VCWB 300R is that the cellar doesn’t provide the required cooling effect. This problem is related to the improper maintenance of the condenser coil. The condenser coil has to be thoroughly cleaned by removing the unwanted dust and dirt on a regular basis. If the wine cellar still doesn’t provide the required cooling effect, the condenser fan motor needs to be checked. The condenser fan motor might have to be cleaned including the plug that comes along with the motor.

A Viking wine cooler repair service provider can attend to all the above-mentioned problems. They have experienced service technicians, capable of attending to the most complex problems. They would look in to the cooling issue first by checking the condenser coil and then checking the condenser motor. If after cleaning both the condenser coil and the condenser motor, the wine cellar still doesn’t get the required cooling effect, they would recommend changing the condenser motor. They have stocks of the original condenser motor and they would be able to provide it at very short notice. If the cellar were within the two years warranty period, then they would freely replace the condenser motor. Thus by doing troubleshooting in a step by step manner, the service technicians would be able to provide quality service work to their customers.

When it comes to maintaining the wine cellar in a proper condition, customers can follow the useful tips available in the user manual provided at the time of purchasing the wine cellar. The service technicians also provide useful tips at the time of repairing the Viking wine cellar. By following these tips, wine cellar owners can keep their equipments in good conditions for an extended period of time. If some problems arise, then the customers can make use of the services provided by Viking wine cooler repair service providers. The tips provided by the Viking wine cellar repair service providers would be extremely helpful in increasing the life span of the wine cellar.