There are plenty of Viking appliance repair manuals out there today, however if you are look specifically for one involving Viking undercounter refrigerator repair, you will need to look a little deeper. While the area is a bit specific, it is needed as like any other product, Viking refrigerators will break down from time to time. Known for their reliability and high level of quality, Viking has been producing kitchen appliances for quite some time now. However, when it comes to repairs, it is sometimes best to call for a professional that will be able to assist you in the area of Viking appliance repair. That being said, there is still the chance that you will be able to fix the item on your own. With some background information and a bit of hard work, you will be able to save the labor cost by doing the job yourself. You should first look at the different types of undercounter refrigerators and then the common issues that are associated with them when considering undertaking a Viking undercounter refrigerator repair job.

Viking Undercounter Refrigerators

Currently, there are four different undercounter refrigerators available in the Viking line-up. While many of them are quite similar, there are a few differences between the models. The chief difference being the actual size of the device as the smaller ones come in at only 15”. Perhaps the more normal size is a 24”, although the majority of the undercounter refrigerators are used for beverages. However, if you only need a smaller sized refrigerator, it is certainly possible to use an undercounter refrigerator as the home’s primary refrigerator. People trained in Viking appliance repair will have the knowledge to handle any of the four undercounter refrigerators and will know the differences between them. To get to the root of any Viking undercounter refrigerator repair job, you should first look at the common issues that are associated with them and see if you problem is in line with those.

Problems with the Electric?

The first issue that many people will report with their Viking undercounter refrigerator is that of an electrical issue. This can have many effects has the refrigerator is primarily run on electricity. Electrical issues can be so broad as to say that the undercounter refrigerator is no longer able to cool, or it might be something as easy as that the light bulb is no longer working. Whatever the electrical issue might be, it is a good idea to start by checking the fuse box inside the undercounter refrigerator. As with any Viking appliance repair job, check with the owner’s manual to find out the exact location of the fuse box and what the best way to access it is.
Once you have located the fuse box, check for any blown fuses and replace them as needed. If all of the fuses seem to be intact, then check the wiring of the device. If you are having any trouble with any of the steps, be prepared to call for help from someone trained in the area of Viking undercounter refrigerator repair. He or she will be able to further assist you and help you get to the root of the problem.

Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair

One of the other main concerns people have with Viking undercounter refrigerators is having them not keep things at the right temperature. If you are having this problem, you should consider checking the thermostat inside. You may find that the thermostat is not properly set and is keeping the food or drinks too warm. If the thermostat is broken or damaged, you can then order a replacement part online, however in some instances you may only need to adjust it to the proper setting.


Whatever problem you are having with the Viking undercounter refrigerator, there is a solution to the problem. While some might be as easy as changing out the light bulb, others will take lots of effort and knowledge into the subject. If you are running into any problems when trying to work on the undercounter refrigerator make sure to call someone who you trust and believe will be able to provide a high level of service. The best person to call is likely someone trained in the area, however a knowledgeable friend might also be able to get the job done for you. Whatever you end up choosing, just make sure that the job gets done right. You should also check to see if the unit is under any form of warranty as you might be able to the Viking undercounter refrigerator repair job done free of cost.