viking-range-repairViking Range Repair Service in Los Angeles.

If you own a Viking range then you have likely at least thought about the possibility of  Viking range repair at some point. While Viking owners generally report the good quality of the products, like anything else, they do have the potential to break down at some point during the product’s life span. If this should happen to you, you are in good hands. Luckily, repair centers for Viking appliances exist all over the country and you should not have much trouble in finding someone that can come out to take a look at the product.

 Alternatively, you can also try and fix Viking range yourself. With a little bit of hard work and some background knowledge, there are actually lots of different things on a range that you will be able to fix yourself. To begin to understand these different things, you must first look at the different types of ranges that Viking produces. From there you can begin to look at the common Viking ranges repair issues many people have with the ranges and which of those problems you will be able to fix on your own at home.

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The Viking Range and Sizes

Viking currently offers three different ranges, with the main difference being the size. The smallest is a 30” and the largest is a 48” range. The middle unit is a 36” custom sealed range top. Functionally, all of the units are very similar and will be able to get the job done with whatever you happen to throw at it.

Style wise, there are differences between them, so some users may have additional desires in terms of which one they will buy as a result. The Viking ranges are rather complex and as a result, there are things that can go wrong with them. If you should encounter any issue, you can always look online for Viking range repair and try and find further information regarding the problem. If you cannot seem to get it figured out, it might be time to call someone who is qualified in the area of Viking repair. Out of all the problems that people have, some of the more commons ones involve the heating aspect of it not working properly. If you are having problems with this it is time to begin troubleshooting.

Why Is the Burner Not Producing Heat?

There are several components of the Viking range that you can check if burner is not producing heat. First you should ensure that the ignition is working, as it might be possible that the bas is not igniting due to a lack of any kind of spark or ignition. To check this, you will want to check the wiring of the range and make sure that the ignition is actually sparking. When you turn on range you should hear a clicking noise. If the clicking noise is not there, it is likely that you are having problems with the ignition which in turn is not causing the gas to ignite. Without that ignition the range will of course not be able to heat up.

Viking Range Repair

The owner’s manual can be a great resource when it comes to Viking range repair as it will have diagrams showing the location of many of the different wiring patterns and other general information you will want to consider when working on the range. Other common issues are not having the door to the range closing completely or having the burner burning too hot. These are also problems that can be fixed at home if you have the time and a bit of knowledge in the subject. If the temperature of the range is burning at an unusual temperature you will need to adjust the thermostat of the range to a lower temperature. Conversely, if the range is burning at too low of a temperature, then it can be made higher to the temperature that you desire. If the door to the range is not closing properly, you will be letting heat escape from the oven. To make sure that the door is closing properly you should always check the areas around the door for possible errors. It is a common issue that the hinges will need to be replaced. This is a simple procedure and can be done with a few household tools and the replacement parts.


Going through the process of fixing Viking  appliances is not the most fun thing; however it can be satisfying to get the job done yourself. Overall, Viking ranges repair service can be something that you can do yourself without having to spend the money on labor, and does not have to be overly difficult.