Viking products sometimes need Viking oven repair. This is because even the best of the products will need to be repaired and have maintenance on done on them. The Viking Range Corporation is known for their very high end and high quality ovens and ranges, but they also make a variety of other products for consumers.

Fred Carl, Jr. was the founder for the Viking Range Corporation. He started out as a contractor for making buildings. At one point, he decided that he would like to make products, like ranges. It was his opinion that the ranges that the commercial industry of food used would be great in home kitchens, if not for a few problems. He saw that the ranges that were in businesses were too hot, were energy hogs, and were severely lacking in safety features.

Carl, Jr. was of the opinion that a range made of stainless steel would be good. However, he wanted the range to also be appealing to look at as well as be efficient. Even great rangetops need Viking rangetop repair sometimes. He thought that if he added some features of commercial ovens and mixed them with his idea for kitchen ranges, that he could come up with a really need range. He wanted these ranges to be the best for home kitchens, with a ton of different features for convenience and efficiency.

It took Carl, Jr. years to formulate his idea and get it ready for manufacture. He opened up the Viking Range Corporation in 1984, but it took him even more years to be able to get the certification he needed to make the products. The Stephens family invested in the company and partnered up with Carl, Jr. in 1992. Together, they made a plant in Mississippi to make the Viking products. Viking rangetop repair can be needed when you are having problems with your rangetop. They started out in this plant for years before they discovered that they needed a bigger plant to get the products made that they wanted to. Since then, they have opened up many different plants, but still have a plant in Mississippi. They have since expanded their products to include refrigerators and variety of other products.

If you are having problems with any of your Viking appliances, you should consider getting professional Viking appliance repair.

Viking Rangetop Repair

If you don’t feel comfortable trying to troubleshoot your rangetop by yourself, you can always contact someone for Viking appliance repair. In this section, let’s look at some common issues that rangetops by Viking might have before you decide to go and get Viking rangetop repair.

What to Do if the Burners Won’t Ignite

The first thing that you should always check is to make sure that the fuse hasn’t been blown. The next step is to check on the circuit breaker to make sure that the switch that controls the rangetop hasn’t been tripped. Next, you should verify that the device hasn’t come unplugged and that the cord hasn’t become damaged in some way. This is a really quick and easy fix to plug in or replace the cord if it’s been damaged. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can get Viking appliance repair. Now that that is out of the way, you should check the terminal block on the appliance. You should take the burner off that’s not working. Then, try plugging that burner into a different spot to see if it works there. If the problem is the burner, then it will need to be replaced. If not, then the terminal block on the rangetop is bad and will need to be replaced. If you don’t know how to do this, you should contact a professional for Viking rangetop repair.

The next thing to check is the infinite switch. To do this, remove the range from where it’s plugged in. Look inside the panel in the back of the range. Use labels to remember where the wires go and remove them. Then check the voltage with a volt-ohm meter. You can also use the volt-ohm meter to check the voltage on the burners, as well. If you don’t see between twenty and twenty-five ohms on the meter, then you need to get a new burner. Viking appliance repair can be a real challenge, but it can be done if you know some simple steps. If all of this fails, you should get professional Viking rangetop repair.