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Viking Oven Repair

If you need Viking oven repair service call us (800) 520-7059. The Viking Range Corporation has a long history of making very high quality, efficient products. The founder of the Viking Range Corporation was a man named Fred Carl, Jr. He was a building contractor, but decided that he wanted to make ranges. Viking appliance repair can be necessary for these ranges.

He found that kitchens in the 1970s really needed to have more ranges that were like the ones that were found in the commercial food industry. He desired to make a range that was good looking and had stainless steel. Carl, Jr. recognized that there were many disadvantages to the types of commercial ovens that were available in terms of use in every day kinds of kitchens. These ranges got way to hot, used too much energy, and didn’t have the necessary features for safety that people would want and need in their kitchens.

Mixing Home Stoves with Commercial

He figured that the best thing to do would be to mix the classic stove with the commercial type of range to get a machine that would really work well in kitchens. Carl, Jr. spent many years planning and designing his idea for the perfect range. He wanted the range to have all the features that make the various types of ranges that he likes great. Then, he wanted to add on even more great features to his ranges.

The Viking Range Corporation

The Viking Range Corporation began in March of 1984, when Carl, Jr. was able to make his company idea into a reality. It took about three years for Carl, Jr. to get his idea certified for engineering and manufacture. A family made a huge investment in the company in 1992, which put Carl, Jr. into partnership with the Stephens family.

The Viking Range Corporation used their facility in Mississippi for quite a long time before they felt the need to expand to a bigger plant that could take on their production needs. This manufacturing place still exists there even to this day as the Viking Range Corporation makes quality appliances for households. Their expansion continued throughout the years as they tried to keep up with their production needs. They made a completely new manufacturing plant in 1997, in which they made a variety of products for their ranges and accessories, as well. You may need Viking oven repair service at times.

The company then went on to make refrigerators and units for people to store wine in. In 2006, the Viking range Corporation even began to make dish washer products in their production plants. While their products are great, people do find that they need Viking oven repair when their Viking oven is having problems.

The Viking Range Corporation Product Line

The Viking Range Corporation makes a wide variety of products and accessories, not limited to ranges. These products are for a variety of different settings, including for inside and outside. They make ranges, of course, but they also make hoods for ventilation on their ranges. They also make stoves with that are built in to alcoves in the kitchens of consumers. They also make highly efficient and precise temperature cooktops. These cooktops need Viking appliance repair sometimes. They make warming drawers that allow the consumer to keep items warm while they are in the middle of doing other things in the kitchen. They make dishwashers that are water efficient. They also produce trash compactors and garbage disposals. They also have freezers and refrigerators in their product line. Outdoor grills by Viking are also really great items. Consider Viking appliance repair for your grill if there are issues.

How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Viking Oven

Before calling for Viking oven repair, you should try to troubleshoot some problems at home first. One problem that people often have with their Viking Oven is that it won’t turn on. To troubleshoot this, you should first check to make sure that the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped. Next, you should check to see that the cord to the appliance hasn’t come unplugged by mistake.

Another thing that you should look for is to make sure that the range’s door is closed all the way. It won’t turn on it it’s not closed. If you are having problems the broiler not working, you will want to make sure you have the knob in the right position. If you have problems opening the door on your appliance, this could mean that it’s cleaning itself.

If you find that none of these help you out, you should get professional Viking oven repair.

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