Viking trash compactor repair is likely not a subject that many people will spend much time thin during their life. However, if you do have a Viking trash compactor, there is a chance that it will be of relevance at some point. While most Viking appliance owners report a high level of satisfaction with their trash compactors, they are still prone to breaking down from time to time. A quick internet search can yield plenty of results if you are looking to have a certified repairman come out to take a look at the problem; however there are quick fixes that you should be able to do yourself. With a little bit of hard work and some background information you should be able to get started repairing a Viking trash compactor yourself. To get started, you should first learn about the Viking trash compactor you have and compare it to the other models that are available.

The Viking 15” Wide Trash Compactor

The current model that Viking produces is the 15” Wide Trash Compactor. In the world of Viking trash compactors repair, it is important to take a look at the model as it will help to show you the things that could go wrong with it. For instance, the new model has many different high-tech features such as a digital display and even a function to help control odor. While these types of things are great for the average person to have, they also create more problems as there are more things that can break. Still, with the reputation that Viking has, it is usually worth getting the added features if you believe that they will be of benefit for you. If something does happen to break down, there is always someone that can help you get it sorted and it is also possible that the machine will still be under warranty. After taking a look at the trash compactor and the different components, you can then begin to study some of the common problems that they experience.

Display Issues

 When it comes to electronic parts, there is always the chance that it will stop working. If you notice that the digital display is no longer functioning as it should, it is time to consult the Viking trash compactor repair manual and see what the problem might be. In many instances it will be something as easy to replacing a blown fuse. The easiest thing to do is to look in the owner’s manual or online to try and locate where the fuse box is in the trash compactor so you will be able to replace the blown fuse quickly. It is also possible that the display itself is having a problem. If this is the case, you may need to replace the display completely. While this is possible, it might be best to call a repairman to come out and take a look at the problem as it may be more work than you are willing to get involved with.

Viking Trash Compactor Repair

The next common issue with the Viking trash compactor line-up is if the machine is simply not compacting. This is the most basic function of the trash compactor, so if it stops working you have a real problem. The current trash compactor is able to crush 30 pounds of trash is just 35 seconds. If you notice that your model is not able to live up to these numbers then there very well may be something wrong with the machine. The first thing that you should check is the motor. The motor is a ¾ HP device. Once you locate it, you can use a few different tools to check to see how well it is actually working. It may very well be that the motor has slowed or died and needs to be replaced. Luckily, Viking trash compactor repair websites will be able to sell you a new motor and you can replace it on your own. After being replaced it is likely that the trash compactor will be able to crush the trash as it used to be.


 Repairing home appliances can be a bit of a chore; however there is a certain level of satisfaction to be had when you complete the job yourself. At the end of the day, you will be able to say that you repaired the trash compactor back to the proper standards and saved the labor cost by doing it yourself. Viking trash compactors repair is not all that hard and is something that everyone should at least have a go with before they call for help.