Viking Repair Pasadena

Brand Overview and History

If you own a Viking product and live in the state of California, Viking Repair Pasadena is available to service your product. If you would like to purchase products you can locate an authorized dealer by doing a city and state or zip code search on the company’s website.

The Viking Range Corporation offers an array of residential and commercial products including: cooking, wine coolers, ventilation, cutlery, cookware, refrigeration, accessories, kitchen cleanup and commercial equipment. Their focus is to meet and exceed their customers’ needs. Therefore, their product line is constantly improving and expanding.

In 1983, the Viking name was founded by entrepreneur Fred Carl, Jr. He discovered that there was an overwhelming demand of ranges and decided to create a line of his own. In March of 1984, Carl incorporated Viking which changed the company’s name to Viking Range Corporation. In 1987, Viking introduced its first professional-grade range for commercial use. In 1989, the first Viking rangetop was manufactured.

Viking Appliances

Viking Range Corporation produces an array of residential appliances such as: rangetops, free standing ranges, warming drawers, ovens, cooktops, microwaves, ventilation equipment, refrigeration, wine cellars, outdoor cooking, outdoor ventilation and outdoor refrigeration.

They also produce a commercial line which consists of several heavy duty products including: island suites, ovens, griddles, salamanders, broilers, ranges, induction units and many more products.

All Viking appliances are well constructed but this does not eliminate your product from experiencing common issues over time. If you live in California the Viking Repair Pasadena facility can assist you with any issues that you may be experiencing with your product.

Common Appliance Issues and Solutions

If you own a Viking warming drawer one issue that may occur is that your warming drawer may not function. In the event that this happens the first thing that you should do is make sure the drawer is connected to the electrical power outlet. Next, you should have an electrician check your power circuit breaker, wiring, and fuses. There is a possibility that your breaker has tripped, wiring has gone bad or a fuse has been blown.

A microwave usually lasts for years without giving its owner problems. However, there are a couple of issues that could present themselves over time. One of the issues is that the microwave no longer functions. The first thing that you should do is check to make sure it is plugged into the electrical outlet and is receiving power. If the microwave is plugged in properly the next thing that you should check is your door switch. If your door hooks or door release button are broken the microwave will not function properly. The last thing that you should check is your microwave fuses. There is a possibility that either your thermal or internal fuse could be blown.

Wall hood ventilators can rarely experience issues. If your ventilation system blower runs but the lights do not operate you should check to see if the light bulbs have burned out or need to be replaced. If your wall hood is making a rubbing or scrubbing noise then you should check to see if the blower wheel is rubbing the motor mount screws. In order to fix this issue you would need to reposition the blower wheel on the motor shaft. You should contact Viking Repair Pasadena experts for assistance if you are unable to repair this issue yourself.

Warranty Information

Viking offers a three year signature full warranty on all professional and D3 Series cooking, ventilation, refrigeration and dishwasher products. The three year warranty includes a ninety day cosmetic warranty which guarantees the appliance to be free from cosmetic defects in materials or workmanship. They offer a one year full warranty on all outdoor appliances. If you are experiencing problems with your appliance you should contact your dealer or authorized service agency. Please have your appliance model number, serial number, date purchased and name of the dealer from whom you purchased your appliance available for faster service. You may call or write Viking Range Corporation and clearly describe the problem that you are having with your appliance.

Maintenance Tips

In order to maintain the quality of your appliance you should perform regular maintenance. One way to extend your appliances life and ensure that it functions properly is to make sure that it is cleaned regularly. Your appliance surface should be cleaned with mild soap and water, rinsed and dried with a soft cloth. If your appliance is stainless steel in order to maintain its look you should wipe down the exterior with a soft damp cloth and polish it with a soft dry cloth. You may also clean your stainless steel appliance exterior with products sold specifically for stainless steel products. Please consult your user’s manual to get tips on how to regularly maintenance and clean your appliance. A few things that should be replaced every so often are your appliance air filters and light bulbs. For any major repair California residents should contact Viking Repair Pasadena specialists.